Classroom Robots

Over the past academic year with my code club I have been experimenting with different class robots.

These included.

  • Dash
  • Sphero 2.0
  • Parrot Cargo Drone
  • Blue Bot


These robots have all been really fun to get to grips with. In my opinion the best robot for KS2 from this has been the Dash robot.

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Computing planning linked to Chris Quigley Essentials

I have started putting together some KS1 and 2 computing planning linked to the Essentials curriculum by Chris Quigley. In the Essentials curriculum the national curriculum is broken down into four main objectives.


To code

To connect

To communicate

To collect


Each of these is then broken down into milestones which is the outcomes for different year groups for example milestone 1 for years 1 & 2, milestone 2 for years 3 & 4 and milestone 3 for years 5 & 6.

for more information please visit


Click here for my long-term plan

Computing long term plan 2016 linked to Chris Quigley



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Google Classroom

Google Classroom in Upper KS2




I have been using Google Apps for Education for sometime now and recently I have been using Google Classroom with all my Upper KS2 classes. The first thing that I did was create each of the classes a stream and I then invited each of the pupils to join the class.


Google classroom screen shot


During the following week spent sometime in my lessons introducing the children to the classroom and within seconds the children in the classes were posting on the stream. I told my pupils that we are going to use  Google Classroom to work collaboratively in and out of lessons.


Just before we broke up for our Christmas break my Year 6 classes were working on Scratch games and at the end of term I asked them to upload them to the Google Classroom. Within minutes every child in the class had uploaded and posted their scratch game.  This meant that I could easily access and download them. I was then able to add my comments to each child’s game and in this screen shot the child has also replied to my comment.

Google Classroom Screen shot 2



Another really good feature of Google Classroom is the ability to create assignments using Google Drive, which can then be easily shared with the pupils in the class. I have been using this feature at the end of each unit by setting an evaluation assignment for the pupils to complete.


The good thing about the assignment setting function is that you can specify how you want the assignment to delivered to the pupil. In this instance I set the assignment to give one copy per pupil so that they could fill in the assignment and submit it back to me once they had completed it. Each pupil could do this by clicking the turn in button. I can then mark these assignments and return them back to the pupil all within Google classroom.


I think Google Classroom is an excellent addition to Google Apps for Education and I am looking forward to its further development.


More info at




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Using Adobe Ideas App in the Classroom

I wanted a way to create posters for my classroom and to share online in a visual way about computing concepts. So I started using an app which I downloaded a while back called Adobe Ideas which has now been upgraded to Adobe Illustrator Draw.


After a bit of tinkering using my finger but actually a stylus worked best in the end.  I managed to start drawing some pretty useful drawings that I could then either print, upload to Google Drive or share via Twitter and alike. I thought I would also stick them here on this blog so far I have created four pictures which are below please do click on them to enlarge.


algorithm computer file sizes (1)computer LAN cloud computing

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Computing Assessment

Recently decided that I wanted to try different ways to show pupil progress in my computing lessons. I have been experimenting with a number of different systems and I have now decided that one of the best ways is to do this through Google Sites and Google Drive.


Here is a screen shot of the Google Site that I have set up. The site contains a page for each cohort where I have created content about what they have been learning in lessons.


google sites screen shot As my school uses Google Apps for Education I have been creating the content for this site using my Google Drive.


During my computing lessons I have been using an iPad to take photos and notes as the work has been progressing and then uploading this directly to my Google Drive, which I can then publish easily on to my Google Sites using the insert Google Drive Folder / Content.


Another really useful app I have found for tracking pupils progress in my lessons has been the

Book Creator App. With this app you can create media rich books / albums during lessons which can then be uploaded in PDF format to either your Google Sites or Drive


Finally, one of the best systems I have been using with my classes is Google Classroom, again this is another Google Apps for Education tool. I have created my classes and asked the children to start uploading their work which I can then easily comment back. You can also set the children assignments directly from your Google Drive.


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ICT and computing planning

ICT and Computing Planning. 


I recently noticed that I have been included in the new Quick Start Computing Guide for Primary school Computing At School on page 51. For some reason my original blog had been deleted therefore I am republishing my ICT and Computing Plans


Here is my original long term plan which I put together back in 2012 – 13 as PDF

ICT_Long_term_plan_2012_-_13 (2)


This academic year I updated this plan and linked the units of work to the three main strands of CS, DL and IT.



March 2015 This is my latest long term computing plan for Years 1 to 6

Long Term Computing Plan 2015 






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